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Legend of Fenrir

Peter Curson

Exiled to Midgard, world of the humans, Fenrir searches for his lost sons.

But he is not the only one.

After the gods of Asgard banish Fenrir's sons to Midgard, Fenrir escapes their grasps in order to find his sons and escape Odin's judgement.

In a tale of isolation and defeat, Fenrir must push himself harder than he ever has if he wishes to see his sons again, for while he searches for his sons, the gods of Asgard search for him.

A human hero. A dragon cursed by Dwarven gold.

Many obstacles separate Fenrir from his sons, yet Fenrir will fight against all who stand before him to save his sons.

But will he stand victorious?

Legend of Fenrir is an original work rooted within the world of Norse mythology. In this novel, Fenrir takes part in and witnesses some of the mythological tales that were told by our real world's Vikings.

and other Nordic stories