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The Reign of Evil

Peter Curson

Nidavia lies isolated--just what the King of Shadow needs to launch his conquest.


Alone, the nations of Nidavia stand powerless against the might of King Dosleum, his army, and the hordes of monsters at his command. The war has already begun, starting with the vulnerable nation of Penthlin.


Hawk and Falcon, two brothers named for their mysterious birthmarks, are thrown into the war when Dosleum forces invade their homeland. Their tale begins when their parents are captured.


Having lived on their small farm separated from the world for reasons known only to their parents, they pursue the mercenaries into the heart of Dosleum. There, they learn of their hidden past and uncover the mystery of their birthmarks.


Most importantly, Hawk and Falcon discover who they are and that the fate of Nidavia rests in their hands--the hands of two farmers.



Containing all the essentials for a high-fantasy novel, The Reign of Evil is a fast-paced read full of quests, dragons, monsters, and more battles than can be counted. Follow Hawk and Falcon's adventure as they do what they must to unite Nidavia and defeat King Dosleum...


If such a thing is possible.